Friday, 10 February 2012

Thank you Keri!

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Thank you Keri!

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pure Essentials Eye Cream - review

So, in the bottle of Pure Essential Eye Cream, you get 15ml of product for £2.29 which, is ok i guess. But, it is a bit steep for an eye cream. The texture is very silky but it feels and looks like jelly on your eyelids. Although, it only feels like jelly on your eyelids until it has sank in which doesn't take a long time to do.

You put this under your eyes (your lower lashline) and on your eyelids, all the way up to your brow bone. It is supposed to moisturise and reduce signs of ageing. I am not old, i'm still quite young, so I dont have signs of ageing so I don't quite know if that part of the product actually works.

The smell is very, very faint so you can hardly smell anything. You can tell that there is a scent there but it is such a weak scent, that you can't make out what it is, so it's perfect as sometimes the scent of some creams,I find, can tend to sting or irritate your eyes.

The colour is clear, which I found very interesting as I thought it would look like your average, white moisturiser. It is quite thick but when you put it on it feels very fresh and almost like you have splashed cold water onto your eyelids. It is very refreshing and makes your eyelids feel silky smooth, almost like there is no bumps or wrinkles on your eyelids when you run your finger over your eyelid, or where ever you applied the product.

Your eyelids feel amazing after use. The amount you need is very little as, like the OCC lip tars, a little goes a long way, so I would say just as the product starts to come out press it down onto your hand and that will do for 1 eyelid, well it does for mine anyway.

This product is amazing and I really love it. You can use it on a night and on a morning but, I only use it on either the morning or the night, depending on how much time I have on the morning and if I think I don't need it,(which almost never happens!)

Hope this helped!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Your Organics Eye And Lip Lift 15ml - SALE!!!

Hey!! So, I scrolled down a bit more on the eye cream page on Lloyd's pharmacy and found this Your Organics eye and lip lift! What it does is basically, reduces signs of ageing, things like wrinkles around the eye and lip area. The price was £3.99 now it's..........................£1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so affordable that you could even buy one for your eyes and one for your lips! (I don't recommend using the same one on both areas of the face)

The link to this product (again this may be a limited sale so hurry, hurry, hurry!!):

Hope this helped

Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm - SALE!!!

Hey!! I was on the lloyds pharmacy website when i came across the simple eye cream on sale for £2.46 down from £3.69! This is not much of a discount, however it does make it more affordable and from the reviews, it looks like an amazing cream! This was just a quick post to tell you about it.

Here is the link to get it (it may be a limited time sale so hurry!!!):

Hope this helped!!!

How To Make Your Own Makeup Remover.

So the things you will need are;
a) Water (enough to fill a quarter of your container)
b) Baby oil (enough to fill HALF of your container)
c) Moisturiser (enough to fill the remainder of the container)

How You Make It:
1. Fill a quarter of your container with the water.
2. Add your moisturiser.
3. Secure the lid and shake until it makes a white liquid.
4. Add in the baby oil (this will make it extra moisturising and helps take off more makeup)
5. Secure the lid again, shake well.
6. Now you are done! spray around 1-3 pumps onto a cotton pad and watch your makeup glide off!

Hope this helps!

ELF Liquid liner (in coffee) - review

HEY! I'm back again, with ANOTHER ELF review, now its on the Liquid Liner in coffee:

The amount you get in the bottle is 5ml for a £1.50 price tag, which is amazing! The brush supplied it awesome as you can get a really thick, medium, or really thin line. The colour pay off is a very pigmented, dark, chocolate brown which is amazing on brown/blue eyes.

I love this product as it doesn't crack on your eyes unlike some liquid liners that I have tried in the past. The formula is very smooth and silky and it just glides onto your eyelids.

Not much more to say as it is a very simple product but...

Hope this helps!

Rimmel London Cool Shine Lipstick (in 060 splash) - review

Hey! Right now I am going to do a review on the Rimmel London Cool Shine Lipstick in - 60 Splash.

The colour of this lipstick is a nude brown with a coral undertone to it. It is filled with sparkle and looks amazing on the lips!

The texture of the lipstick can be either too wet or very moisturising, depending on the amount you put on. In the tube you get 3g of product which, I suppose isn't bad, however compared to the collection 2000 lipstick i just reviewed that was 15g and probably cheaper, I have to say is a WAAAAY better deal than this. This lipstick is around £2-£5 depending on where you buy it from.

However, In my lipstick i find that when you twist it, the lipstick ruins on the side as it rubs against the side of the tube and creates deep lines on to the back of the lipstick.

It has a very glossy look on the lips which I really do love.

Hope this helps!

Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick (in - 6 sugar pink) - review

Hey! Today I have a review on the Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick in - 6 sugar pink.

Once again, it's another LOVE! In the tube you get 15g of product which is amazing! The price of the lipstick ranges from £1.99 to around £3.99.  The finish of the lipstick quite glossy but it also has some shimmer to it. With the right skin tone, I think that this colour would look amazing, unfortunatley my skin is a bit too pale so I have to dab the lipstick onto my lips, so it looks right.

The smell of this lipstick, unfortunaley, is like most other drugstore lipsticks as it smells like plastic...
It doesn't bother me that much as you can't smell it when it's on your lips, it's just that I would like to find a lipstick from collection 2000 that doesn't smell like plastic.

I love the packaging, it is very sleek.  I love the design on the top, the product slides up really smoothly so I love that.

Overall, yes I would recommend this lipstick, it is a really great colour and they have around 10 shades.

Hope this helped!

Pink Tease eye palette - review

Hey! I'm back with a review on the Pink Tease eye palette!

This palette is very metallic so for an everyday look I do not recommend this as the colours are very bright and bold on your eyes. The selection of colours are quite good! You have your beige, gold, brown, silver, black and there is even a couple olive tone eye shadows in there, so that is amazing! I don't know the price as I got this palette for Christmas last year and I cant find the price on the Internet, which means I don't know where you can buy this palette either. If anyone finds it please leave the details in the comments as it would really help!

Anyway, like I said, the colours are extremely metallic so I would either use a tiny bit with a very very light hand! Or, just use it to spice up a look. The whole palette itself is 10.5g but doesn't say how much the individual eye shadows are.

I do like this palette, however because the finish of the eye shadows are so bright, bold and metallic I am limited to what I can use them for.

I would recommend this palette to people who wear bold and out there looks, but not to people who use the natural look.

Hope this helps!!

ELF All Over Colour stick (in pink lemonade) - review

Hey, I'm back.... again! I'm here with a review on my ELF All Over Colour Stick in pink lemonade.

I love this product! In the tube you get 4g of product which, again, for £1.50 is amazing! As you can see from the swatch, with 1 swipe the colour is quite sheer but it gives off a very flattering sheen. The smell of the product is their sugar orange scent, which I can definitely say it does smell like that, it is very sweet and smells like an orange flavoured sweet.

This is very flattering on the cheeks if you use the right amount, which is, for me, 2 dots on the cheek and blended out into the temple/hair line with a stiff brush or preferably a stippling brush.

On the cheeks it adds a nice, subtle glow. I do not reccomend using this on the lips or eyes as i don't think it would look very good on the eyes (it might do with other colours, but not the pinks) and you don't want to put a product on your face that has also been touching your lips, also the texture on the lips, as i find, is a bit drying. However, on the cheeks it looks amazing, and the texture is creamy, silky and very smooth.

I would reccomend this to everyone and I will proberbly buy some other shades and see how I like them.

Hope this helps!

ELF Eyelid Primer (in golden) - review

Hey! I'm back with another ELF review! As you guessed from the title it is on the ELF Eyelid Primer (in golden).

                             (sorry about the darkness, I don't have very good lighting)

So, first of all this product is £1.50 as it is from there essential line. You get 5ml in a tube which isn't bad at all!

I really love this primer. It is a great,creamy consistancy, it leaves a flattering shimmer on the eyelid - the only one that doesn't do this is the normal shade in sheer. I have been using this product for a long time now and it does wonders! I put it to the 24hr test and it lasted a good 8-10 hours which is amazing! However, I do find that whilst putting the eyeshadow on, it doesn't stick amazingly, it is only after you have applied your eyeshadow and it has been on for about 5 minutes that it really sticks onto the product and doesn't budge.

For me, it seems to dry after the eyeshadow is on top of it, and it seems to grab the eyeshadow with it. This is an amazing primer! Proberbly not the best out there, but for £1.50 and it is this good, I really reccomend it and will be stocking up on this product myself!

However, i do find that because it is in a tube with a sponge applicator, alot of the product is left on the sides and you cant really get it out unless you swirl the sponge round the sides of the tube.

I hope you found this useful and I hope you will purchase this in the future!!

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner - review.

Hey beauts! I purchased the ELF Daily Brush Cleaner quite a while back. But, I have tried it enough to give you a review!

So, firstly the amount you get is really generous as it is a 60ml bottle. At £3.75 it is not a bad deal. Eventhough you get a lot, you do need to spray the product quite a few times until you get enough for an acceptable clean. The scent of the product itself is really strong and it does stay on the bristles of the brush. So, if you are not one for strong scents then I would not reccomend this product as it will linger on the brush even after you have left it to dry. 

For me, the best way to use it is - lay your brush down on a cotton pad, then spray about 5 pumps onto the brush and go back and forth into cleaner.

It is not a bad product, however I have made a makeup remover (which I will do a blog post on how I made it) and I have to say, it does clean it better and it doesn't have a strong scent. Although, for £3.70 you really cant go wrong with it. So I would recommend it to you but I do have to say that only use it on brushes that don't need a lot of cleaning.

Hope this helped!