Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ELF All Over Colour stick (in pink lemonade) - review

Hey, I'm back.... again! I'm here with a review on my ELF All Over Colour Stick in pink lemonade.

I love this product! In the tube you get 4g of product which, again, for £1.50 is amazing! As you can see from the swatch, with 1 swipe the colour is quite sheer but it gives off a very flattering sheen. The smell of the product is their sugar orange scent, which I can definitely say it does smell like that, it is very sweet and smells like an orange flavoured sweet.

This is very flattering on the cheeks if you use the right amount, which is, for me, 2 dots on the cheek and blended out into the temple/hair line with a stiff brush or preferably a stippling brush.

On the cheeks it adds a nice, subtle glow. I do not reccomend using this on the lips or eyes as i don't think it would look very good on the eyes (it might do with other colours, but not the pinks) and you don't want to put a product on your face that has also been touching your lips, also the texture on the lips, as i find, is a bit drying. However, on the cheeks it looks amazing, and the texture is creamy, silky and very smooth.

I would reccomend this to everyone and I will proberbly buy some other shades and see how I like them.

Hope this helps!

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