Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pure Essentials Eye Cream - review

So, in the bottle of Pure Essential Eye Cream, you get 15ml of product for £2.29 which, is ok i guess. But, it is a bit steep for an eye cream. The texture is very silky but it feels and looks like jelly on your eyelids. Although, it only feels like jelly on your eyelids until it has sank in which doesn't take a long time to do.

You put this under your eyes (your lower lashline) and on your eyelids, all the way up to your brow bone. It is supposed to moisturise and reduce signs of ageing. I am not old, i'm still quite young, so I dont have signs of ageing so I don't quite know if that part of the product actually works.

The smell is very, very faint so you can hardly smell anything. You can tell that there is a scent there but it is such a weak scent, that you can't make out what it is, so it's perfect as sometimes the scent of some creams,I find, can tend to sting or irritate your eyes.

The colour is clear, which I found very interesting as I thought it would look like your average, white moisturiser. It is quite thick but when you put it on it feels very fresh and almost like you have splashed cold water onto your eyelids. It is very refreshing and makes your eyelids feel silky smooth, almost like there is no bumps or wrinkles on your eyelids when you run your finger over your eyelid, or where ever you applied the product.

Your eyelids feel amazing after use. The amount you need is very little as, like the OCC lip tars, a little goes a long way, so I would say just as the product starts to come out press it down onto your hand and that will do for 1 eyelid, well it does for mine anyway.

This product is amazing and I really love it. You can use it on a night and on a morning but, I only use it on either the morning or the night, depending on how much time I have on the morning and if I think I don't need it,(which almost never happens!)

Hope this helped!

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