Saturday, 30 March 2013

Review | NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer.

Here is my review on the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer.

Shade - Sunny
Shades - Unknown
Pigmentation - Medium But Very Buildable
Price - £2.99
Places To Buy - I purchased mine at a discount place in town, however I think you can buy it in Superdrug, I just can't find it on the website.
Packaging - I like the packaging on this product. I think it is appealing to the eye, it's not too boring and I also like that the colour of the package is the colour of the bronzer inside. It does click shut, which again, is very travel friendly. Also, there is no excess packaging so it is very thin, meaning it won't take up much extra space in your make-up bag/storage. There is a huge mirror on the lid so if you are travelling, you don't have to take an extra mirror because this is big enough for you and also it is compacted into one of your make-up products.
Texture - The texture is very smooth and silky. It is very pigmented. I like that the shade is in Sunny, so they actually added a sun on top of the product, which I think was a nice added extra, it made it very cute. This goes on nice and easy onto your face, and it very easy to blend and work with which is very important for bronzers so you can make them more subtle and natural if you go a little bit happy and need to blend it out, this will allow you to do it very easily. This particular shade I would say is best suited for fair-light skin tones as it is quite a light shade, however I do think they make a wider variety of shades in the United States.
When Do I Apply This? - Because this is a powder product, I recommend using this after your foundation routine and powder. I personally use this as a contour shade so I apply this after my powder and my whole face bronzer, (I use the MUA Bronzed Perfection). I apply this with my ELF Angled Blush Brush, starting at the hair line and blending forward so I don't get the most pigment closer to my mouth and it is at my hair line so it is easier to hide/blend. You only need a tiny amount as it is quite pigmented.
I've Applied Too Much! - Don't fret! Take your powder brush and run over the bronzer, don't add any more product onto the brush use what's left, this will blend out the colour making it more natural and subtle on your face, also it helps fight against any orange/muddy lines where you applied the bronzer. I don't find that the tissue trick works with the bronzer to blend it out as it is more concentrated and potent, meaning you need something a bit more to blend out the colour.
Would I Recommend This? - Definitely! I think that it is worth the money and from other beauty gurus on youtube, they said that it is a lot like some of the more expensive bronzers they own. It applies smoothly, it is really pigmented and a great product to have in your make-up bag. However, if you are not fair-light skin toned, I think this particular shade won't work very well for you as it is quite a light bronzer which I like because I am fair skin toned.
Hope This Helps!

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