Saturday, 30 March 2013

Review | The Body Shop Shimmer Shades - Lilly Cole Collection.

Hi! Here is my review on the Lilly Cole Shimmer Shades from The Body Shop. Unfortunately these were Limited Edition so you can not buy these anymore, unless you get lucky in The Body Shop like I did. I got these on sale for £5.00.

There is only one shade selection from the Lilly Cole Collection.
Pigmentation - Medium But Buildable.
Price - £16.00
Places To Buy - The Body Shop
Packaging - Personally for me, the over all packaging let the product down a bit. I do like the idea that the cubes of shadow are all individual in there own plastic casing. But, it is very cheap packaging. There is nothing special about it, it's just plain, clear plastic. However, like I said, I do like the concept that each shade is individual so you only have to take the colours you need. That idea is very nice and travel friendly. Another thing that lets it down is that it doesn't lock shut, so I can guarantee if this is going on a plane, the shadows will fall out because it doesn't stay shut.
Texture - The texture on these are very hard and they are pigmented but not as pigmented as I expected for the regular price. I do think these are hugely over priced and you really are paying for the name over quality. Where I do think these are nice if you just want something nice, light and easy to apply, then these are probably for you. But for me, after trying so many cheaper things, I personally don't think these are worth the money and bought them to try and because they were on sale so I thought it was the perfect opportunity. With them being quite solid, I'm guessing that because of the way they are packaged, they have to be quite solid.
I've Applied Too Much! - Just take a blending brush and keep going oer it, this will almost dilute the colour and make it less harsh on your eyes, making a more soft, blended look. If it's the darker colours that you have over done it on, then sometimes just taking the lightest shade and running it over that colour will help meaning you won't have to spend as much time blending out the colour.
When Do I Apply These? - Eyeshadows are something hat you can apply whenever you want as they won't get messed with the other products as you probably won't be laying foundation and concealer over it, meaning it will still be there on your eyes. Applying these before your face makeup also helps a lot as if you get any fall out, you won't have to take away any foundation, powder or concealer, so you can just wipe it away at the end and then start your foundation routine. You could also apply them after your face makeup if you prefer, I tend to do this if I know that the eyeshadows won't have much fall down, if you are conscious about this, take a shadow shield under your eye and it will catch any fall out. Or, if you don't have them, you can just hold a tissue/cotton pad under your eye and it will do exactly the same thing.
Would I Recommend These? - I wouldn't to everyone. If you are just starting out with make-up and you want something that is easily blended, quite pigmented, and something where it's all there in one place, then I think these are perfect for you. However, if you, like me, have been using make-up for years and know good eyeshadow from bad, or you're a make-up artist, I think there are much better products out there, some cheaper, some the same price, but there are definitely better things out there.
Hope This Helps!

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