Saturday, 30 March 2013

Review | ELF Studio Concealer

Here is my review on the ELF Studio Concealer.
My colour is 'Ivory' - The Lightest Shade.
Price - £3.75
Shades - 4
Coverage - Medium
Places To Buy - ELF Online.
Packaging - The packaging on this product is very nice, professional and sleek looking. It has a very slim design meaning it is very travel friendly as it won't take any extra room up in your make-up bag. You don't get much product in the stick though, the amount of product shown is just a bit less than what I got before using it, that could be a down side but for what I use it for, I don't need a lot of product, and there might be more product in the lower part of the casing. It is a simple twist up, type package, pretty standard and what you get for most concealers like this now.
 Texture - The texture of this concealer stick is creamier than others, some more inexpensive concealer sticks can tend to be quite dry as they don't put a lot of moisturising aspects in the product, it's not the case for this one. I find that this has a medium coverage. I mainly use this for colour correcting under my eyes as the colour is quite orangey, and orange means a salmon colour and that cancels out the darkness under my eyes. The colour range isn't great at only 4 shades and they don't go very pale or very dark, you have to be a light-medium skin tone to be able to use these concealers.
When Do I Apply This? - If you were using this as a regular concealer I would suggest using this after foundation, as if you would put it on before, the concealer would move and you wouldn't get a lot of coverage out of it. However, because I use this as a corrector, I put this under foundation and use a tiny amount. This won't get rid of the coverage because of the purpose I'm using it for. But, like I said, use this after foundation if the shade matches you so you're using it as a regular concealer.
I've Applied Too Much! - Don't fret! Make sure you keep blending out, so it doesn't look cakey. Or, you can, again, use a fixing/moisturising mist so it doesn't look too heavy. Also, you can take a tissue and pat over the area where you applied too much, it will absorb the excess product, making sure it doesn't look heavy, cakey and it will look more natural on your skin.
Would I Recommend This? - I think I would, however, like I said, I would only recommend it to people who have light-medium skin tones, because otherwise, there won't be a shade for you. These are good quality for the money and think that, depending on your skin tone, you will find that it conceals nicely. For reference, I'm fair skin toned.
Hope This Helps!

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