Friday, 29 March 2013

Review | MUA Blushers

Hi! Here is my review on the MUA Blushers!

Top Row, Left To Right - Shade 1, Shade 5
Bottom Row, Left To Right - Shade 3, Shade 6
Price - £1.00
Shades - 5
Pigmentation - Medium - High Pigmentation, Buildable, Blendable
Places To Buy - MUA Online, Superdrug
Packaging - The packaging is very standard. It consists of all plastic and, from the time I've had them, it has been quite sturdy. I have had the Shade 1 before and the colour was slightly different from it is now. Also, The packaging was a lot more cheap and broke as soon as I got it home. Now, the packaging is tons more sturdy and hasn't had any breaks, but of course, there is scratches on it from when it's in my make-up bag and make-up storage. Again, the writing on the front is a spray on, in metallic silver. However, this one hasn't rubbed/scratched off yet and I've had these for a while now. I am pleased on the improvements on the packaging and think that more people will buy them now as before, when the packaging broke, so did the product inside.
Texture - The texture is more solid than soft. When running my fingers over it it doesn't feel very soft but still has pigment. Don't get me wrong, it is still quite soft, just not as soft as I remembered my old one being. I remembered that being extremely soft. This is more solid, which is a good thing in some ways as it will be less likely to break, meaning it s a lot easier to travel with. However, even though it is quite solid, it manages to still be smooth and pigmented which is why I think for £1.00 they are a steal, people would pay quite a bit more for these.
When Do I Apply This? - I, personally, apply these after powder, bronzer and contour. This is so the colour doesn't get hidden by the bronzers, so you can still see all the colour and it doesn't change shade because it is mixing with other things. I use just a regular blush brush, one that feathers the product on, rather than placing the product on to your face really heavily. These are very blendable and easy to work with, meaning they won't get really patchy on your skin.
I've Applied Too Much! - Don't worry! I have two solutions. The easiest one is to take your powder brush and go over it, don't add any extra product just use what's left, and run over it. This will make the colour more subtle and blend out the edges. Another option, if you don't have powder/a powder brush, take a tissue and pat over the edges working inwards, this will remove excess product and, again, blend out the edges, making it more subtle on your cheeks. This is also great if you are away and don't want to over pack products.
Would I Recommend These? - Yes, definitely! For people on a tight budget I think these are great quality and won't waste your money, even though you are only paying £1.00. These are quite pigmented, some have a nice shimmer, and they look nice, natural and glowy on the cheeks.
Hope This Helps!

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