Saturday, 13 October 2012

Elf Elements Custom Eyes- Review.

Hey everyone! So today I have a review on the Elf Custom Eye shadow Refill Pans which are £1.50 each in the UK and $1 in the USA. I have 4  shades:
I added effects as the photo was a bit too dark, the colours aren't quite as metallic and the swatches are without primer.
These eye shadows are super pigmented! Although the black one (dusk) has quite a bit of fall out when you apply the shadow onto your finger/brush so be careful of that, but other wise they aren't too bad. They do have a few colourful ones like purples and greens but I went for neutral shades. They apply very beautifully, they don't have a ton of fall out but the shade in dusk has a bit more fall out than the others. They apply evenly and with a primer I can get around 10 hours worth of wear until they fade away off my eyes, but to be honest, I dont need anymore wear out of eyeshadows. They don't cause drag marks on the inner part of your eye, which is a problem I have with a few eyeshadows, so they are amazing. The packaging they come in is just a plastic container which the oan sits in, which is inside a cardboard box so they are very secure. You don't have to remember the names as they have a sticker on the back with the names on aswell as a magnet. However, the dusk eyeshadow that I have came with a clear label on a black magnet with black writing to I can't actually read the label but I just remember them all anyway. The compact to put them in is also £1.50/$1 and they also fit MAC's pan eyeshadows aswell.
Hope this helps!

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