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Review | MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blushers.

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Left to Right: Dolly, Yummy, Bittersweet.
Price: £2.00
Available at: Superdrug, MUA online website
 Pigmentation: High colour pay-off
Shades: 4
Packaging: The packaging is pretty standard. It has a regular plastic container. The writing on the front telling you the name of the product is originally a silver spray on, there is no picture of the front as the writing rubbed off so I thought it was useless to add in a picture. So far the packaging has been quite sturdy, I have had no breaking or cracking, it has held up pretty well. The casing snaps shut well, this is important as it is a cream product so it won't dry out. It is pretty cheap, standard packaging but for the price, it's what you would expect.
Texture: The texture is very creamy, however when it is not used for a while then you got a dry top layer, all you need to do to get it back creamy is just run over it with your finger to warm up the product again and bring it back to it's original state. It is very easily blendable, but with all cream blushers you obviously can get some ways are easier to blend it out than others and also you can apply it patchy if you don't spend as much time on it.
Different ways to apply: Brush - I personally prefer this way of applying any cream blush as it gives me more control of the blending and the placement of the product. I use the Elf Small Stipple Brush, I just dip it into the product, tap some off on the back of my hand so I can start with little and work on it from there and add more if needed as it is easier to add product than take away so definitely start with less than you think you need. You can also use brushes like the Sigma Kabuki Brushes to apply it, however those brushes are not the most affordable, and I am happy with my stippling brush.
Fingers - Also, there is the option of using your fingers to apply the colour. Simply by getting a little bit of product of your finger tip, starting in the back/the apple of your cheek, place the colour gently and make sure to blend until you are happy with the amount that it's blended, and the amount of colour you have on your cheeks.
I've applied far too much product!: Don't worry! Either take your foundation brush, don't add any more product on to it, just use whats left, and go over where you have but the blush. This will cover up some of the pigmentation, making it more subtle on your cheeks. You can also do the exact same thing but with your powder brush.
When do I apply it?: You can apply these before or after your powder, I find that it works better before but it does apply completely fine after. Personally, like I said, I prefer to apply it before my powder, as I feel like it gives a better finish because you are applying a cream product on top of another cream product rather than on top of a powder. However, it does apply completely fine after powder as well, those are just my personal preferences.
Would I recommend these?: Yes I would! I think they are amazing quality for the price, they apply great, the pigmentation is amazing, they are so creamy which makes them a dream to work with. As cream blushers go, I definitely think these are worth every single penny.
Hope this helps!

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