Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review | Famous By Sue Moxely Lip Addicts

Here is my review on the Famous By Sue Moxely Lip Addicts.

Left to right: Raw, Pillow Talk 
Price: £4.99
Shades: 6
Pigmentation: Medium - High Colour Pay Off
Places To Buy: Sue Moxley Online.

Packaging: The packaging on these is very nice. It has a nice, sleek black casing with a flip up lid that contains the same colour of lipstick, but in a Balm Formula. The writing on the front is a pink spray on, which, for me has nearly completely rubbed off. Because of that, I do think companies need to find a different way of writing the name of the product on, like printing/imprinting it on the front of the packaging. The lid shuts nicely, it clicks so you know when it is completely shut and you don't think it's shut, go back to your makeup bag, and find out that your lipstick has mushed all over the place!

Texture: The texture of these lipsticks are very creamy, smooth and very quite pigmented. They glide on your lips nicely. However, I do find that if I don't apply a lip balm before, then it does tend to settle in the lines on my lips where they are dry. They have a nice, demi-matte finish (not glossy but not quite matte). They are pigmented, or at least, the two shades I have.

Ways To Apply: The ways to apply lipstick are very simple. The most common way is just straight out of the tube on to your lips. Which is perfect and easy if you are the only person using the lipstick. For a make-up artist, they tend to use a lip brush for hygiene reasons. The lip brush is the perfect way of getting a more defined lip line, perfect when doing bold lips so you can control the colour. The other way is obviously, you can use your fingers. Not the most hygienic, but more hygienic than putting it straight on your lips, depending on the fact that your hands are clean.

I've Applied Far Too Much Product!: Don't you worry, don't you worry child.....;) Take a plain tissue and blot off your lips, this will take away the top layer of colour, making your lip colour less intense and also last longer as it becomes closer to a stain than a lipstick. Or, you can take your finger and rub over the lipstick, this will blend out the colour making it more subtle.

When Do I Apply These?: You can apply lipstick really anytime you like. Personally, I like to apply it last so I can get the most wear out of the colour. However, if you're more of a match your eyes to your lips kind of person, then apply it after face makeup, before your eye make-up. For me, I like to match my lips to my eyes so I apply it last. But really you can apply it at any time you want to.

Would I Recommend These?: Of course I would! I think they are so creamy and worth the money. However, if you have a lot of fine lines on your lips that are quite thin in width, but quite deep set, then I think that these won't work for you as they would just settle in them after lip balm.

Hope This Helps!

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