Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ebay 15 Colour Concealer Palette Review

Hey! I'm BACK! I know I haven't been posting anything for months but I was just too busy with school work etc....
Anyway, I'm here with a review of the 15 Colour Concealer Palette which can be purchased for a range of prices depending which seller you buy from.

As you could have guessed, this palette consists of 15 shades of concealer - 1 highlight shade, 3 correctors (green, lavender and yellow - a very pale yellow which I can get away with using as a regular concealer), and 11 shades of skin toned concealer.

All the shades are very creamy once used, when I recieved this they weren't as creamy as they could have been but now that i have used them a couple of times they are very creamy. These are all amazing concealers! They are very light weight and have a buildable coverage, but with once light layer I would say the coverage is between a light - medium coverage. The correctors do the job amazingly, i especially love the green one as a tiny bit can go a very long way and it covers up the redness until it is just green - hence why you have to put a skintone shade of concealer over it to hide the green-ness.

I would highly reccomend this product as for only £2.77 (p&p included), you get alot of product (I don't know the exact amounts as they are not written anywhere and I threw away the black coverslip/box that it came in but I would say they are around 3g). I will link the place where I got it below!

Hope this helps!

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